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Don't Miss Why Guy In His First Kids DVD Video Release...

Why Guy Questions A Firefighter!

  • Tour A Fire Station!
  • Drive A Fire Engine!
  • See Firefighters in Action!
  • Learn about Fire Safety!
  • Get your questions answered!
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Special DVD Bonus!

Learn To Draw A Firetruck! Draw A Fire Truck


Let's Get Some Answers...

When the fire engine zooms by, the questions begin...

  • Where's the fire, mom?
  • Why is the truck red?
  • Has there always been firetrucks?
  • Do the firemen live at the firestation?
  • Why do some trucks have ladders on top?
  • Can we tour the firestation?

For the Firefighter in Every Child


Every Why Guy DVD includes a special FREE interactive bonus to help kids learn the joy of drawing. "Why Guy Questions A Firefighter" includes a step-by-step video that helps children learn how to draw a fire engine.

Concerned about too much passive television viewing for your children? This step-by-step drawing project is fun, educational, and encourages active viewing:

  • With paper and crayons or colored pencils, children can draw along and create their own picture of a fire engine!
  • Through the use of simple shapes like squares, lines, and circles, children will learn how a complex picture can be built one simple step at a time!
  • Draw at your speed. Children can use the 'pause' and 'play' buttons on their DVD player to complete the drawing at their own pace!

Draw a Fire Engine Step-By-Step is a great FREE bonus feature that adds value and additional "play-ability" to the Why Guy kids DVD. Kids will love it!

Colored Pencils

Why Guy takes a field trip to Fire Station 67 to get some answers about fire fighting, fire trucks, and what it's like to be a firefighter.

He learns there's a lot to know to work as a firefighter!

The Why Guy

Entertaining and Educational...

Why Guy also learns some important lessons about fire safety.

  • "What do I do if there's smoke in my bedroom?"
  • "What should I do if my clothes are on fire?"
  • "How should I escape if our house is on fire?"
  • "How often should we check our smoke alarm?"
  • "What other hazards should we check for in our home?"

All the answers are here in the exciting live-action kids DVD, "Why Guy Questions A Fire Fighter!" It's a great gift for your child or grandchild, because every child loves the excitement of shiny fire engines and those brave fire fighters!

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Only $14.95
plus shipping

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